The portfolio of projects of the Transformation Program of JSC "Samruk-Energo" has been replenished with new projects and activities aimed at developing industrial safety, working with customers and suppliers and optimizing costs through reengineering of production processes. The updated Portfolio of projects and a number of other issues of the Transformation Program were agreed by the members of the Modernization Council of Samruk-Energo JSC under the leadership of Chairman of the Management Board Bakitzhan Zhulamanov. 

Updating the Project Portfolio is an important and cyclical process in the company. The formed list of business proposals is preceded by a lot of analytical work, in which, especially this year, all subsidiaries of the dependent organizations (subsidiaries) of the holding took part.


Chairman of Samruk-Energy JSC Bakitzhan Zhulamanov opened the meeting of the Modernization Council and noted that the updated Portfolio of projects was formed in accordance with new approaches to the implementation of Transformation. They are aimed, among other things, at finding new ideas and projects.

«I instruct all the first heads of subsidiaries to work out the issue of finding new ideas, apply world experience to improve production processes," Bakitzhan Zhulamanov said.

Managing Director for Business Transformation of JSC "Samruk-Energo" Edil Kopenov presented an updated Portfolio of projects and other control documents of the Digital Transformation Program.

The project portfolio is divided into 7 initiatives. One of them, "Industrial safety", was supplemented by the project "Safe Production" and the event "Introduction of an automated medical examination system". Both business proposals include process automation.

An unprecedented project for Kazakhstan is "The introduction of a system of oil–free ignition of boilers". It is part of the initiative to optimize costs through process reengineering and involves the installation of a Plasma torch. This installation eliminates the use of fuel oil, which reduces the corrosion of heating surfaces and increases the reliability of boiler equipment operation.

Managing Director of digitalization and Transformation of JSC "Samruk-Kazyna" Dauren Kereibayev noted the impact of the pandemic on the renewal of the Project Portfolio in terms of two initiatives "Customers" and "Suppliers".

"We must exclude contacts between customers and suppliers as much as possible, taking into account new requirements, and develop this direction. It is also necessary to develop the promotion of new ideas that contribute to improving the efficiency of the company," said Dauren Kereybayev.

This initiative includes an event on the introduction of online services for electricity consumers of NPP LLP and a project on the analysis of commercial losses in networks using data analytics at AZHK JSC.

When analyzing a project, not only its uniqueness is taken into account, but also the benefits, provided that the costs do not exceed the commercial component. Due to the high risks of non-receipt of benefits, a decision was agreed not to implement the third wave of the Integrated Planning System project.

The updated Project portfolio, now consisting of 7 projects and 10 events, has been agreed by the members of the CM. The projects cover such subsidiaries and affiliates as: LLP "PVES", JSC "SEGRES-2", LLP "EGRES-1", LLP "SGE", JSC "MGES", JSC "AZHK", JSC "AlES", JSC "SHGES", LLP "NPP". Net benefits for 2021-2024 amount to 6,048 million tenge.

A Plan for promoting the Digital Transformation Program for the fourth quarter, which includes content and information channels, has been submitted to CM members for approval. Communications, like PR, are one of the leading tools of PCT. The plan was approved, the first heads of the subsidiaries were instructed to involve the press services of the subsidiaries in its implementation.

The SM members also agreed on a Report on the implementation of the Digital Transformation Program for the third quarter.